Crown Cupcake Toppers
Crown Cupcake Toppers
Crown Cupcake Toppers

Crown Cupcake Toppers

$ 6.00

These darling DIY toppers are a great embellishment to add to cupcakes for any occasion.

The great thing about these coming undone is that you always have the choice to use the toothpicks or not!

Other ideas to use the crowns for:

- punch a hole on opposite sides of the crown
  thread some yarn through and make a wee
  birthday crown for your little

- punch holes on opposite sides of the crown, 
  thread some yarn through it and tie it to a gift

- grab some different skewers, cut them in
  different sizes, attach a crown, insert them
  on top of a cake and you have a darling 


2 1/4" tall x 5 1/2" wide unfolded (note: these are the large toppers)
toothpicks are 2 3/4" tall

white polka dot/khaki, lemonade and gold glitter {glitter does not rub off}

12 crowns total - 4 of each pattern/color and toothpicks

**first image shows the mini and large toppers.  


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