"Celebrate Everything! Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life" by Darcy Miller

A few years ago when my prior shop "imeon design" was up and running, I received an email from Etsy admin. asking for my direct email address so that someone from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine could get in touch for a possible magazine spread.

A few cake boxes were ordered and were a hit, but I never received any other communication afterwards.  So, I figured, that was it.  

Fast-forward four years later and I received another email.  This one contained news that I did not expect at all. My cake boxes are in a book!

Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings was in the process of putting a book together that contains all sorts of fun ideas for all occasions.  The cake boxes I made are seen in the bottom right picture with ribbons around them.  Get a copy of this lovely book here "Celebrate Everything"